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Hi, I’m Addy Saucedo, creator of the DO I.T. Podcast. Not familiar with online “self help” – podcasts, blogging, and intentional transformation? Not to worry, this page was made with you in mind! It contains the information you need to start experiencing the amazing journey that comes with being intentional about your transformation. Let’s DO IT! 😉

DO I.T. Explained

The ‘I.T.‘ in “DO I.T.” is an acronym for Intentional Transformation and that’s what the podcast, videos, website and mission is all about. Putting our best efforts forward (intentional actions) to accomplish the dreams, hopes, and freedom we truly desire (the transformation).

Ironically, mainstream named this “Self Help” but you are not alone. I’m here with you to share my personal journey and lessons I’ve learned so that you have support and inspiration to achieve your transformation – be it in your health, relationships, career or lifestyle. Just like you, I can’t do it alone, so I also feature amazing individuals who share their journey of intentional transformation. Are you ready to put your best efforts forward?

Top 3 episodes to listen to

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  3. Spreading A Generosity Philosophy ← Click

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