The ‘I.T.’ in “DO I.T.” is an acronym for Intentional Transformation and this podcast is all about exploring life with intention for personal freedom.

This show is dedicated to discussing the amazing things that happen to us as a person and BRAVE enough to talk about the challenges we are and have gone through.

Before you head off and listen to an episode, have you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I change my current situation to where I wish it can be?
  • Where do I find the motivation to keep me focused on my goals?
  • Goals…how do I set them up and actually accomplish them?
  • What’s out there that can lift my spirit and make me proud of who I am?

Or if you’ve ever just needed something that’s positive, real, and actionable to listen to while on your way to work, working out or whatever…

…this show is for you!


Hi, I’m Addy the founder and host of the DO I.T. Podcast.

This podcast has 3 formats that I’d love to let you know about right now.

I deliver solo episodes that engage in the subjects of personal development with story and examination. (That’s 1)

In interview episodes, I feature those who have a story that demonstrates transformation driven from their purpose and intention to become a better version of themselves. Awesome stories of inspiration and motivation and advice. (There’s 2)

The challenge episodes (this is 3). I deliver these on a daily basis. I’m always going through a self-imposed challenge that puts me on a journey where I can’t wait to see what the results will be. The first challenge is 40 days of natural juicing! Exciting, BUT not all future challenges will be about health.

Along with the podcast, I’m challenging myself to also have a blog that aligns perfectly with the show. This show and website will always be in transition because I strive to always bring my best for you.

So what’s my history? I encourage you to listen to the 1st episode because this is where I tell it with an open heart. Just press play below:

I hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to meeting you (drop me an email).